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Plume agate

Wyoming Rock Slabs Available

All pictures are to show a typical piece of the type of rock. The exact rock may not be available. Please call or e-mail for additional information about inventory. ::: take out all numbers-this way the e-mail does not get filled with undesirable e-mails.

We are still under construction -- thanks for your patience

Prairie Tanzanite

The Mineral is Zoisite, it is found in alteration zones(Metamorphic) in and around the jade fields of Wyoming. The typical find is pink mixed in with the Jade, and the pink zoisite has long been called "pink and Green Jade" by the Jade miners of Wyoming.

There are a few places where the color zones into the beautiful violet and even into a deeper purple. As of this date, there is no find of crystals or crystalizations which match the material "Tanzanite". Because of the beautiful color, we named this material "Prairie Tanzanite" in honor of the zoisite from Tanzania and because we found it on the prairie of Wyoming. This material comes from our claims.

A higher quality piece, because of the color. There is some pitting, but if you are good at stabilizing. This will make very high quality cabs. 6mm thick.

A nice piece, even the pink zoisite has a wonderful textural quality. Some pitting. 7-7.5 thick depending on the piece.
$22.00 (2 pieces)

This is a surface piece, there is some iron staining. This is our lower quality product, but if you are good at cutting the staining out there is always a nice cab. Pitting is prevelent. These slices range in price from $3.00 - $10.00 depending on the size.

Lysite Agate

Most often a banded agate ranging from reds to browns and white or clear, often has interchanging bands of limestone material. It formed in a depositional environment of a limestone/and or dolomite (I have not checked which). The agate seems to have filled voids. Voids can still be found and they are coated with beautiful quartz crystals.

An unusual piece of Lysite mainly in reds and some greens. This is more like a jasperoid. There is some drusy, some fracturing, 9mm thick.
$16.89 (2 slabs available)

A Classic Lysite Agate slab. Drusy does not go all the way thru, some fracturing. 8.5mm thick.

A Classic Lystie Agate slab, with the quartz crystal-filled areas.
$4.95 (2 available)

Wyoming Jade
The Jade fields of Wyoming are famous for their nephrite Jade. While many of the mines are closed, many of the claims are still kept by family members. Be careful and check the courthouse in Lander before venturing out. Mining Claim Law in Wyoming requires all legal claims to be posted in the Court house.

Wyoming Jade comes in many colors. The most prevelent color is the dark green. You can always see the green if you put a corner up to the light. Often, the piece will look black unless you put the corner up to the light. One of my favorite colors is the Honey Olive.

The Apple and Emerald Green are the colors most people associate with Jade. The Orient has done a fantastic job of marketing these colors to the exclusion of all the others. These are the colors which are the most rare, and the most expensive.

So branch out and enjoy the world of the many colors of Nephite Jade from Wyoming.

Olive Green

This is Olive Jade

Olive Jade

Honey Olive Green
No Photos at this time

Dark Green

Water Mark Green
This is a jade with may other mineral inclusions, but can make some beautiful cabs.



No Photos at this time

No Photos at this time

Apple Green

A slab of Apple Green Jade, $98.50

Emerald Green
No Photos at this time

and a variety of other mixed colors.

This is a slab of Emerald Snowflake $129.50


A Sedimentary deposit of shell. This comes from southwestern Wyoming.

Medicine Bow Agate

A white agate with Manganese dentrites.These agates are from the southern Shirley Basin area. (2 more larger pieces)

Classic High quality Medicine Bow Agate. The Manganese tends to undercut upon polishing. Stabilizing may help. ~4mm thick
$20.00 each (2 slabs)

Very agatized high quality Medicine Bow Agate. Some drusy. 7mm thick
$18.00 (3 slabs)


A lithium ore from the Owl Creek Mountains. This is found in the pegmatite belt, our product is from the estate of the original Claimant.

This is nice lepidolite. There are 3 slabs from this rock.Fracturing mostly across the quartz. $7.50
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