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The site is developed and maintained by Alice and her knowledge of computers and computer language. She also loves to take the pictures you see on this site.

Rock Solid is a part of Gustin Enterprises, a partnership of Melvin and Alice Gustin. The various businesses include Construction and Teaching Construction, Home Inspections, Mining Claim Staking, Computer Website Design: Wyobusinessminds, Retailer: Rock Solid/Artistry Workshop, on-line retail & family highlight:, and this site: Rock Solid.

Alice is a geologist, gemologist, jewelry artist, teacher and buyer; keeping the retail Store: Rock Solid: Lapidary & Bead & Artistry Workshop: Classes & Kits in Riverton, Wyoming. The shop is located at 518 E. Main, Riverton, WY. She is a step-mother and a wife and spends her spare hours rock hunting, gardening, and the fall days are spent hiking the wilds of Wyoming hunting for Elk, Deer and Antelope for her freezer.

Melvin is the home inspector and construction teacher. He also does the construction and claim staking (sometimes Alice joins both of these endeavors) and is the life-line for the family: giving love and aid to his sister, mother, and children and grandkids...and of course, Alice! Last, but not least, joins in all the rock hunting (with a particular nose for Jade) and is the families main guide for the Elk, Deer and Antelope hunting. :)


Plume agate

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